“aim real estate’s ambition is to launch a closed-end pure play real estate fund investing in and managing last-mile logistics assets building a sustainable society and generating
an attractive 
real return in the heart of western Europe.”

#We grow urban sustainability

Last-mile logistics play a pivoting role towards sustainable cities

Last-mile logistics to decarbonize the supply chain

Proximity to the end consumer allows for more optimized & shorter delivery routes reducing CO2 emissions and the use of green transport.

Supporting cities’ zero emission zones

Building a sustainable society starts by providing the right infrastructure; warehouses where large transport comes and flexible & green delivery modes take over. Last-mile logistics within or at the border of cities is pivotal to build future-proof cities. Our mission is to allow consumers to have a good delivery/e-commerce experience while generating an attractive real return for our investors and creating sustainable impact on nature and society.

100% green operations driven by Last-mile Energy

We strongly improve the energy consumption and reduce the carbon emission of our buildings by active portfolio management. A key element is the installation of solar panels fulfilling the operations and transport on 100% green energy (or Last-mile Energy). Complemented with a CPPA where necessary. 

Unique value proposition

Pure play last-mile focus

Within the wide range of industrial assets, we only invest in and manage last-mile logistics properties located within a 30min range from urban population centres enjoying good in- and outbound infrastructure and a significant catchment area.

A differentiating data driven methodology

Data is key in determining the ideal real estate location and asset quality. Our in-house methodology allows us to identify and acquire the ideal real estate sites holding long-term value. 

Committed to ESG

Last-mile logistics at the border of urban centres is a sustainable solution for the costly and time-consuming last-mile delivery process.

-We add value by installing green building technology and using circular materials reducing carbon emissions and optimizing energy consumption.

-We are committed to people’s well-being, drive local job creation and support local initiatives.

-Our code of conduct is the base of our governance, which we supplement with regular meetings at different levels in the organization and transparent reporting.

Our asset characteristics

Last mile logistics serving the last-mile delivery step

Easy accessibility (in/outbound infrastructure) and a solid energy grid

Availability of high purchasing power, population density and human capital

Low site density, good circulation and many loading docks

Located in Belgium, the Netherlands or north of France

Within a 30min. proximity from urban centres

Urban, city border or regional depots of 2,000 up to 10,000 sqm

Free height below 10 meters

Well-connected, agile and passionate team

Our balanced team has a creative mindset and proven track record in logistics real estate, deal sourcing and execution, development and investment. It is backed by a team with strong financial engineering capabilities and in expansion mode, searching for driven and motivated people.

The advisory board adds profound experience regarding industry expertise, last-mile logistics investments and fund management.

Managing Partner, Co-Founder

Non-Executive Chairman, Co-Founder