Niels Colson

Bestuurder & CEO DD Engineering
Work experience

Shareholder & CEO 
DD Engineering
2015 - ...

Management Consultant
2007 - 2014


Master in General Management
Vlerick Business School
2006 - 2007

Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering 
Delft University of Technology
2000 - 2006

After studying Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft and at the Vlerick Business School, I got the opportunity to help build a global consultancy firm in Belgium.

This was a very good learning experience but after 7 years I realised that I had less impact on the organisation than I would have liked. Moreover, as an engineer I missed the link with technology.

At a given moment contacted me regarding a possible acquisition of a company (DD Engineering). As an engineer with management training, they saw in me an ideal partner for this company. For me, this was a new world: I did not know the company, nor the world of acquisitions, and certainly not the financial side of it. explained everything in a very transparent and clear way, both on a financial level and concerning the future vision. It became soon clear to me that they had the expertise and experience in house to bring the acquisition to a good end.

I also thought it was important to be at the helm myself. I wanted to be able to make a difference, without a guiding or dominating hand always looking over the shoulder. I do understand that in a large company there is no other way, but I didn't feel like it any more.

The numerous conversations with comforted me that I would indeed be running the business entirely myself, that they would genuinely support me where necessary and that together we would grow the business in the long term. I was convinced and took the step. and I then started negotiating with the company as a tandem. We decided on every step and every decision together. Such an acquisition is a complex process that requires time and energy, and not every step is easy. But we got there relatively quickly.

" gives me both the autonomy and the necessary support to make this company a true success."

In retrospect and a couple of years later, the financial and strategic analysis of turned to be right. I am extremely happy that I took the step. DD Engineering is growing steadily, and I can see the impact and results of my work. We are also expanding the holding company above DD Engineering.

I get both the autonomy and the necessary support from to make it a success story. is the sounding board that I can rely on. And that really gives a comfortable state of mind, so I can focus on managing and growing DD Engineering.