Customized solutions...

Both to selling shareholders who no family succession haveas to ambitious and hands-on managers who aim to do business in tandem with a partner, in a genuine partnership met gelijklopende belangen en toegevoegde waarde op de long-term continuity.

...with positive impact

By building to ensure and further in tandem with building on what you have built. By striving day in and day out to vooruitgang,  in al haar aspecten. Door te geloven in uitzonderlijke managers en medewerkers en hen de kans te bieden om mee te schrijven aan een uniek verhaal.

No family succession?
100% Acquisition

Building on what you have built with a view to long-term continuity. Our team of experts ensures a transparent acquisition in full discretion.

Ready for the next step?
Growing Together

´╗┐Combining operational and financial-strategic know-how. You focus on your business, we provide support in the areas of finance, people and strategy.

Ambition as a manager?
Doing business together

The opportunity to together a bedrijf over te nemen.  De autonomie om het als manager te leiden, met ons als hands-on klankbord. Zo maakt u zelf het verschil.

Our shared values

Each member of our team is an expert in his or her field. Together, we have unique competencies to provide SMEs with targeted support from our shareholder role. Always with an eye for our values:


Wederzijds vertrouwen zijn de bouwstenen van elke solide lange-termijnrelatie.


People are our most important asset. Respect always comes first.


Our no-nonsense approach is the basis for the transparent relation with our stakeholders.


We aim to get the business right from day one and will adjust the strategy if required.

At we are proud of our realized growth trajectory,while being keenly aware that a growth path is about more than just numbers. The impact we can have on the environment and society is paramount. 

The goal of our portfolio companies is to contribute to a sustainable world as a key driver of our success. That positive impact is expressed in a variety of ways.

By developing the factories of tomorrow through DD Engineering , contributing to the electrification of our society through Vandapower, advising customers on the efficient organization of their supply chains through Brix Advice and enabling plastic recycling through VM Logistics.