As an investor, specialises in the acquisition of successful family businesses.

We strive for a positive impact by guaranteeing continuity and building on what the original owners have built. By striving for progress day in and day out, in all its aspects. By believing in exceptional managers and employees and offering them the opportunity to contribute to a unique story.

Our team of experts ensures a transparent and discreet acquisition.

Management Buy-In (MBI) invests together with an external manager, who takes over the operational management of the company after the acquisition and participates as a shareholder.

In MBI-transacties hebben we intussen een succesvol trackrecord uitgebouwd, waarbij we steeds bedrijven voor 100% overnemen. Zo bieden we een oplossing voor ambitieuze managers die wensen te ondernemen en aan verkopende aandeelhouders die wensen te verkopen bij gebrek aan interne of familiale opvolging.

Long term

The focus is always on long-term value creation, as we invest with our own patient capital. In doing so, we build companies on a stand-alone basis and at their own pace, while respecting the corporate identity.

Wat u van ons mag verwachten in een MBI traject


An acquisition is complicated. We will ensure clarity and transparency and will give you an accurate estimate on how much your business is worth.

We continue to build on your

In order to remain successful in the long term, we believe it is key to continue to build on your story.

Employment guarantee, also in the long term

At we strongly believe in your and our people. After all, motivated people are essential to be successful in the long run.

Close involvement
in overdracht

After the acquisition itself, you remain closely involved in the effective transfer. Your knowledge and experience is invaluable here.

The right manager

Finding the right manager is essential for the survival of your business. We use our experience and network to find the right manager and involve him/her in the acquisition process.

Daarnaast investeren we met in companies we believe in. Our investment focus is on SMEs operating in a B2B niche activity with a differentiating product or service and with future growth potential.

We are happy to help these companies through the next growth phase through an elaborate professionalisation, ondersteund door o.a. een sterke governance, maandelijkse financiƫle rapportering en het opsporen van mogelijke add-on investeringen. Met als doel create winners in their respective sectors.

In addition, we are increasingly investing in tandem a (a part) of the existing management, omdat we sterk geloven in het bundelen van operationele met financiĆ«le, strategische knowhow. Het is onze overtuiging dat we in team de beste resultaten behalen.

Owner Buy-Out (OBO)

In an Owner Buy-Out een meerderheid van de aandelen, waarbij de verkopende aandeelhouder opnieuw in het kapitaal stapt. Door het bundelen van de krachten kunnen versnelde groeiplannen waargemaakt worden, terwijl de zittende aandeelhouder een stuk vermogen veiligstelt door een gedeeltelijke verkoop.

A OBO can alternatively occur in a conflict situation. For example, when one of the shareholders wishes to buy out the other(s). In such a transaction optreden als partner van de kopende aandeelhouder en zo een oplossing bieden voor beide kanten.

Combining forces

Together, we have a balanced mix of operational and financial-strategic skills. Together, we determine the appropriate strategic direction and take the right steps in our growth path. Driven by our combined expertise.

Wat u van ons mag verwachten in een OBO traject

We continue to build on your story

We believe that further growth is necessary to remain successful in the long term.

Extensive support

Our domain experts are continuously available to your company and provide a supportive and expert sounding board.

Sincere partnership

We stand for a sincere and healthy partnership in which we have equal interests. Trust and respect are key. Good agreements make good friends.

Long term growth

Our vision is unambiguous: well-considered growth in the long term. Together we expand the company with the necessary investments in both people and activity and give it the time to further develop.

Meet us

Looking for a growth partner with financial and strategic expertise to take your business to the next level? Do you recognize yourself in our values and what drives us?

Feel free to contact us for an introduction, no strings attached and in all discretion.