aimXcelerate is a direct path for ambitious managers to owning & managing a SME.
It is the program’s mission to accelerate the entrepreneurial journey of high-potential managers through targeted acquisitions. 

We offer experienced intrapreneurs/managers a structured opportunity to acquire, manage and grow a private company, supported by powerful in-house experts.

Joining forces

We focus on mutual benefit  and growth. Our Xcelerate program carefully selects talented individuals with the ambition and competences to grow a business.

Working with us, you can rely on acquisition support dedicated time and capital resources in your pursuit to  owning and managing an SME.

We offer business owners an elegant succession solution , handing over their business to aspiring entrepreneurs with the strong support of, ready to further professionalize and grow.

Post-acquisition offers fully fledged  finance (M&A and CFO-services including accounting A-Z), strategy & people support, allowing the manager to focus on the core business operations.

Together we install a board of directors with external members, to operate in a professional and best-in-class governance framework.


aimXcelerate – a structured path towards entrepreneurship



Start with expressing your interest by sending an email to (candidates should be prepared to submit their CV, a cover letter and any information that is relevant to your search industry & sectors).



Outlining our philosophy


Candidates receive feedback on whether or not they are invited for a face-to-face meeting at the aim offices. In this session, we are happy to further introduce the Candidate to aim (history, achievements, ambitions), discuss the Candidate’s professional background & motivation and take a deep-dive into our aim-manager philosophy.



Get to know our Team


In this next stage, qualified candidates will be invited to an interview with our acquisition team. Candidates are asked to present themselves and their desired ‘search universe’ (geographical focus, industry/sector, possible existing leads or comparable businesses). The candidate will be invited to elaborate on how their experience, background and network can be of value in the anticipated search.



Define your search strategy


If cleared by our CEO, the candidate and our dedicated M&A team jointly refine and narrow the search scope. Subsequently, we calibrate our search strategy towards identifying suitable targets. In an ongoing dialogue, the M&A team then starts its search for opportunities in the market, unburdening the manager with this critical but time-consuming task.



Progress towards a signed LOI


Once targets are identified, we approach them and actively engage in discussions towards signing a Letter of Intent (LOI). Throughout this process, we get to know each other further and we invite you to an assessment center to formally map the complementarity and cultural fit between yourself and aim.



Closing the deal


Once the LOI is signed, due diligence is performed on the target, with the manager focusing on operational/commercial aspects while aim focus on the financial, social, and legal aspects. Supported by its experience and strong relations with banks, aim arranges optimal deal structuring terms and draws up the necessary contracts between shareholders.





After the closing, you become the face of the company and take on daily leadership, with aim providing support in areas such as finance (full accounting services, CFO services, ad-hoc M&A services), strategy (CEO sounding board, development of a five-year plan, establishment of an advisory board), and people (positioning and expanding the internal team to enable growth).



Organic & anorganic growth


In a genuine partnership, we work together for a defined period of 5 years with the goal of extending our partnership with successive periods of 5 years. The ultimate goal is to jointly write a beautiful continuation to the story of the acquired company. It is important to highlight that aim operates with a ‘buy-and-grow’ strategy, with a long-term investment horizon and without a proposed exit.



Where we invest in

We have a broad interest, a few criteria to steer in the right direction.


Belgium, satellite offices abroad can be considered

Positive cashflow

EBIT(DA) range of 500k-1.500k EUR (no fixed thresholds)


Preference to jointly acquire 100% of the shares

Possibility for

Operational improvements / revenue growth


B2B, in a stable/ growing market


Operating defined by entry barriers

Business model


Out of scope

Manufacturing & construction


Define 1 to 3 target industries/sectors


3+ years of industry relevant experience

People skilled

Proven track record in managing teams


Growth mindset & clear P&L thinking

Meet your predecessors

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our aim-managers say: 

From my entrepreneurial past, I learned that choosing the right partner is one of the most import criteria for achieving success together. With aim, I feel the right connection.

Karel Staelens

DD Engineering

Thanks to aim, I can fully focus on what matters: further expanding our beautiful company through entrepreneurship (meanwhile we are active beyond Belgium, with locations in the UK & US).  

Stijn Uitterhaeghen


As a complementary team, we spent two years searching for a logistics company to acquire. It was an intensive journey with a rewarding outcome. Persistence pays off!

Willem De Pesseroey

VM Logistics

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Frequently asked questions

I don’t have any M&A experience, will I be supported by aim in this regard?

Sure! Our dedicated M&A team will support and mentor you during the acquisition process from A-Z.

Do aim-managers compete for deals?

No, since each of our Managers are focused on specific industries and geographies, they do not compete for acquisition opportunities.

What are the key requirements to become an aim-manager?

We partner with highly motivated individuals who have proven operational track records in their target industries. Some key characteristics of successful managers include strong determination and work ethic, highly developed interpersonal and commercial skills, and the ability to execute and implement.

What are aim’s target geographies?

For the time being aim is focused specifically on Belgium. Although we do have operations and physical locations in the UK and the US, we are focused on companies headquarted in Belgium.

What are the economics for aim managers?

Post acquisition, aim-managers receive attractive compensation for their role as CEO and reap the financial benefits as co-shareholder given they acquire (up to) 20% of the shares at the time of acquisition.

Can I keep my current job while being part of the aimXcelerate programme?

Yes! Although this is an intensive search process, the aim team will be in the driving seat. When needed, we obviously expect a flexible schedule, but there is no need to quit your current job. This also immediately reduces your risk significantly.

Sounds interesting?

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